17 Reasons to Use Moss: Everything You Need to Know

“…Here at Bring Nature Indoors, we have a belief: design is truly a thing of beauty. It’s to be respected, honored, and learned…”

1. Maintenance Free
All our moss products are 100% maintenance free. Never have to worry about watering or pruning with our preserved moss walls.

Custom Designed Reindeer Moss Logo
Custom Designed Reindeer Moss Logo

2. Hand Picked
Each moss clump is hand picked and hand selected. Moss panels and custom moss walls are created with two hands ???? and a bit of innovation.

3. Incorporation of Biophilic Design
Moss is a practical way to incorporate biophilic design. Biophilia is our innate connection with nature. Bringing nature indoors motivates and energizes people.

4. No Light Needed
You know that hallway that’s demotivating and dark? Plants are hard to keep alive in dark spaces, but moss walls thrive in low-light situations ⛅ Direct sunlight hurts our moss, but dark, humid spaces are great for keeping it soft. A great design technique is to add decorative lights to create another dimension, showing off your moss and brightening any space.

5. Less Expensive than a Living Wall
A moss wall is a single cost whereas a green living wall is like an investment that may die on you. A green wall has to be maintained and it can be costly to replace dying plants whereas a moss wall is a one-time cost.

Lightweight Wall Décor

6. Lightweight Wall Décor
Moss is super lightweight, making it perfect for wall décor. No irrigation system is need, eliminating any weight of water.

7. Noise Absorbing
In the open spaces of today, moss has a great benefit: it absorbs sound ???? It can be hard to integrate an element into a design that has acoustical value. Studies have shown that employees in open designed offices complain of noise. Moss is a great way to counter that.

8. Flexible in Design
Moss is anything you want it to be. Moss can be cut to any shape, used on curved surfaces, turned into patterns, words, logos and pictures. As each order is processed individually, any size, shape, or design can be manufactured and installed.

9. Easy Installation
Three step installation means it takes no expertise to quickly install moss panels. It’s easy to unhook them and switch up your design. No design is permanent.

10. Great Logo Incorporation Designs
A number of companies are incorporating their logo into moss as a branding tactic. Using state of the art technology, we can reproduce logos or messages incredibly accurately in moss making beautiful moss wall art. Uber and Wix both have incorporated moss into their logos at offices in London and Miami Beach.

11. 18 Colors ∞ possibilities
With 18 colors, there is a moss color for any space or logo. Ask us for a sample if you would like to color match.

18 Colors Possibilities

12. Practical Solution to Bringing Nature Indoors
No watering, no pruning, and no maintenance means moss is a practical way to bring nature inside. No need for a green thumb to have a moss wall!

hard textures of wood and soft textures of moss
“…hard textures of wood and soft textures of moss…”

13. Great Complement to Wood Textures
Wood is growing more and more popular with current biophilic design trends. Moss and wood combos complement each other very well with the hard textures of wood and soft textures of moss.

14. Air Purifying
Moss cleanses the air of toxins we would otherwise breathe.

15. Environmentally Friendly
Any moss product from Bring Nature Indoors has been created with environmentally friendly, green, and clean production methods.

16. Creates an Atmosphere
In modern designed spaces, moss ???? is popular to create some warmth and dimension in the area. It creates an atmosphere, a new feel to a room.

17. Doesn’t Take Up Floor Space
A plant design is a great way to bring nature indoors, but plants and planters do take up floor space. Moss walls are like green living walls in the sense that they take up no room on the floor. This is ideal for tighter spaces.