Breathe New Life Into Your Brand & Your Space

Make Your Brand Unforgettable with a fully custom moss logo wall

A company’s logo is an opportunity to leave a lasting impression.

Think of the iconic logos you’ve experienced and the impact they’ve made on their branding recognition over years and decades. What if you could make your logo even more memorable and impactful than it already is?

What if you could add a new dimension that people could not ignore, something people would talk about and ask questions about?

Custom Moss Logos

A custom moss logo wall checks all the boxes when it comes to maximum logo impact.

You can be as creative as your imagination will allow with the design.

Add sophistication by overlaying your signage with moss. Recreate an entire logo with 100% moss bringing it to life with any combination of 18 colors. Keep it simple by choosing a custom shape and color and placing your logo in the center.

What Is Your Reception Area Saying?

Your reception area or lobby in many ways is like your business card.  First impressions do matter, and the reception area sets the stage for a company’s image.

Everything about the design from furniture, layout, and wall art influences clients and employees. Whether you’re in the health service industry or the financial world your reception area or lobby is going to set the mood for everyone who spends time there or passes through. Moss logo walls add a dimension of energy, authority, and calmness that gets your clients’ and employee’s mindset in a good place before they interact with you.

Preserved Moss Benefits & Features

100% Real Moss

The moss we use is real moss that was picked from forests. It was hand-selected for its quality then preserved to maintain its beauty indefinitely.

Maintenance Free

Because the moss is preserved, it never needs water or pruning.

Sound Absorbing

Moss is a natural and very effective method of sound absorption in open spaces.

No Light Needed

Our preserved moss does not need any form of light, freeing you to put it anywhere in any space.


Green and environmentally friendly sourcing and production.

Types of Preserved Moss

We use four different types of moss in our designs.  

Reindeer Moss

Reindeer moss which is actually a lichen, grows in artic lands. Mainly growing on the ground this plant is carefully harvested by hand and is probably the most popular of moss types used on moss walls. While it is preserved and needs no maintenance, when relative humidity falls below 40% this can get a stiff, as soon as the humidity goes back above 40% it absorbs the moisture and is soft again.

bunn moss

Bun Moss

This moss has a distinct “mounding” look with each piece having a unique shape. When preserved this moss requires no maintenance and keeps its beautiful appearance indefinitely. This moss also fantastic acoustic ratings: 0.90 NRC

flat moss

Flat Moss

As the names imply this moss grows flat on the floors and walls of the forest. Harvested and preserved in larger flat pieces this moss has a beautiful deep green appearance and is a great component in a maintenance free green wall. 

pillow moss

Pillow Moss

Pillow moss is a native moss to the USA and similar to bunn moss in that it grows in “mounds”. The color of pillow moss is a forest green with flecks of straw color making this moss have what we feel is a more natural look. 

Custom Moss Colors

If your design demands different incorporated colors, we offer 18 different colors to choose from.

Some of Our Recent Moss Logo Walls: