Moss Panels Make Bringing Nature Indoors Easy

Your Permanent Indoor Green Wall System

Functional, Permanent Wall Art — Maintenance-Free

Are you looking to add life to your walls with some artwork? Framed posters and canvas wall art add character to bare walls, but lack dimension. 

Plants add energy to a room but require maintenance and the right lighting. 

What if you could bring your walls to life with a green wall system that required no light, was maintenance-free, and lasted indefinitely?

Preserved Moss Wall Panels

Our moss wall panels are handcrafted unique works of art. Because they’re made with preserved reindeer moss, there is never any need for maintenance. 

They come in three sizes and 18 different colors, allowing for designs that are only limited to your imagination. 

Installation is quick and easy. The state of the art hangers we use free you to create an ever-evolving green wall system for your indoor space.

Why Preserved Moss Panels?

100% Real Moss

The moss we use is real moss that was picked from forests. It was hand-selected for its quality then preserved to maintain its beauty indefinitely.

Maintenance Free

Because the moss is preserved, it never needs water or pruning.

Sound Absorbing

Moss is a natural and very effective method of sound absorption in open spaces.

No Light Needed

Our preserved moss does not need any form of light, freeing you to put it anywhere in any space.


Green and environmentally friendly sourcing and production.

Easy 3 Step Installation


Step 1

Hold the moss panel up to the wall in the desired position. Press the top corners so the small points on the front of the hangers mark the drywall.


Step 2

Find your marks from step one and insert the support pins into the wall by gently tapping with a hammer.


Step 3

Hang your moss panel on the support pins. That’s it!

3 Sizes to Choose From:

9x9" Square - $94

12x12" Square - $98

18x18" Square - $219

Moss Panel Colors

18 different colors to choose from guarantee you’re going to get the customized look you want for your wall. 

See what's possible with our moss panels: