Make Your Space Unforgettable
With Preserved Moss Walls.

Preserved Moss Is A Versatile, All-Natural Material That’s Gone From Hot Trend to the Must-Have Biophilic Element Over The Past Few Years With Interior Designers. What Is It Exactly? Read On To Find Out…

What Does Moss Design Look Like?
Check out some of our recent Moss Walls:


Preserved Moss is made from real forest moss and arctic lichen that, once sustainably harvested, goes through an industry-guarded process of preservation that allows the moss to retain its natural look and feel for years. Reindeer Moss can be dyed and comes in 18 different colors.


No watering, pruning, or sunlight needed.


Colors to choose from.


Preserved Moss is an unexpected solution to balancing the acoustics of a space. We provide the NRC rating of each moss type.


Lasts up to 10 years

How Do You Create Preserved Moss Walls?

Moss can be made into any shape, used on curved surfaces, turned into patterns, words, logos, and pictures. 

We assemble moss by hand in our workshop, piece by piece, using time-honed techniques. We adhere them to wooden frames, felt paneling, custom lettering, literally any building material to create our eye-catching solutions.

Whether you already know the design or need help designing the concept we can help. Any size, shape, or design can be manufactured and installed.

Types of Preserved Moss

We use four different types of moss in our designs.  Using different types of moss allows us to create depth, dimension and interest in our designs.

Reindeer Moss

Reindeer moss which is actually a lichen, grows in arctic lands. Mainly growing on the ground this plant is carefully harvested by hand and is probably the most popular of moss types used on moss walls. While it is preserved and needs no maintenance, when relative humidity falls below 40% this can get a stiff, as soon as the humidity goes back above 40% it absorbs the moisture and is soft again.

bunn moss

Bun Moss

This moss has a distinct “mounding” look with each piece having a unique shape. When preserved this moss requires no maintenance and keeps its beautiful appearance indefinitely. This moss also fantastic acoustic ratings: 0.90 NRC

flat moss

Flat Moss

As the names imply this moss grows flat on the floors and walls of the forest. Harvested and preserved in larger flat pieces this moss has a beautiful deep green appearance and is a great component in a maintenance free green wall. 

pillow moss

Pillow Moss

Pillow moss is a native moss to the USA and similar to bunn moss in that it grows in “mounds”. The color of pillow moss is a forest green with flecks of straw color making this moss have what we feel is a more natural look. 

Preserved Moss Benefits & Features

100% Real Moss

The moss we use is real moss that was picked from forests. It was hand-selected for its quality then preserved to maintain its beauty indefinitely.

Maintenance Free

Because the moss is preserved, it never needs water or pruning.

Sound Absorbing

Moss is a natural and very effective method of sound absorption in open spaces.

No Light Needed

Our preserved moss does not need any form of light, freeing you to put it anywhere in any space.


Green and environmentally friendly sourcing and production.

Custom Moss Colors

If your design demands different incorporated colors, we offer 18 different colors of Reindeer Moss to choose from.

Moss is Great For


Studies show an increase in attendance in productivity while working near natural elements.


With hotels pivoting to the ultimate workspace away from home during COVID-19, the same benefits apply as having nature in office spaces.


Natural elements are proven to make guests feel more comfortable and have a more positive experience while dining out.

Beauty Services

Salons and Spas can truly stand out and create a luxe, healthy atmosphere with a gorgeous moss wall or panels


Studies have proven that guests will browse longer and spend significantly more when a store contains impactful biophilic elements.

Health Care

Multiple studies are showing that having access to or views of natural elements help patients heal faster and feel more connected during their time in health care facilities.

Still have Questions about Preserved Moss?

We have worked with multiple clients on a myriad of projects, we have 5+ years of experience and are happy to answer any questions you might have! Click below to shoot us an email and feel free to download our free Look Book!