Our Preserved Moss Walls Create a Unique Atmosphere that Energizes and Inspires 

We Believe the Indoors Can be Great Too.

Ordinary indoor spaces, like a typical office lack character, are noisy, and uninspiring. Employees and customers come and go with the same feeling every day – a feeling of boredom and sterility. 

Imagine transforming that same indoor space into a place that makes everyone feel alive and stimulated. A place that people looked forward to spending time in. What if employee morale and productivity improved, and customers told their friends and family about your amazing atmosphere? 

A custom indoor moss wall breathes new life into your indoor space. Our preserved moss walls are 100% maintenance-free while still maintaining the beauty of their natural state. They absorb sound and create a comfortable and uplifting indoor environment loved by everyone who experiences them.


100% Custom Design

Bring your exact vision to life. Nobody else does the level of customization we do in the faux live wall space.


Superior Acoustic Absorption

Merging function with design to create a better and more aesthetic pleasing alternative to typical sound panels.


Increase Morale & Productivity

Substantial research shows that natural scenery induces positive emotions, helps cognitive functioning, and aids in recovery from mental fatigue. 

It's Easy Going Green...


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Your custom moss wall is installed, and your vision comes to life.

How We Transform Spaces:

Custom Moss Walls

Bring Your Indoor Space to Life with a Touch of Nature

Moss Panels

Your Indoor Green Wall System

Custom Moss Logo Walls

Make Your Brand Unforgettable 

ashley johnson

We appreciated the collaboration with you and your team to get a design that fit our spaces and desired aesthetic. We were impressed with the care your installer took — he is clearly an artist and takes an incredible amount of pride in the work quality and final product.”

Ashley Johnson

CFO/COO, Wealthfront

What You Can Expect

Turnkey Service

We take care of everything from design to installation.

Realistic 3D Custom Renderings

See what your project will look like before you commit.

Professional Installation

Moss walls are expertly installed and secured.

Maintenance Free

Preserved moss walls are 100% maintenance-free and never need water.

Some of Our Recent Projects:

We bet you've got some questions...

Here are a few that we get all the time:

Does a moss wall really have acoustical properties?

Moss is a tried and true method of sound absorption. It has phenomenal acoustical values. The thickest moss is bunn moss with an SAA* of 0,90. Flat moss comes next at 0,65, and then reindeer moss is at an SAA* of 0,55. All three types of moss are above the mid-level sound absorption (office environment). *SAA is the Sound Absorption Average as defined by ASTM C423-17

How much am I going to have to water my moss wall?

Because our moss walls are created with preserved moss, they are entirely maintenance-free. No watering or pruning ever!

​What is the difference between preserved moss and artificial moss?

Preserved moss was once alive but has gone through a preservation process to keep it as close to its natural state as possible. Artificial is created from human-made elements and is not in any way natural.

​How do I know my design is going to meet my expectations?

We take pride in delivering custom products that exceed expectations. You will be given a custom rendering before we start production, and before the product is shipped, you will receive a photo for any minor changes.