Will a Living Wall fit Your Design Budget?

Meet Your Budget Without Sacrificing Your Vision

Every project is different, so we can’t give you a firm quote until the discovery process is completed; however, we can give you a general range.  

The biggest thing that sets our preserved moss walls apart in the living wall design space is that they’re completely maintenance-free.  Traditional living walls are cost-prohibitive because of the continual maintenance, and as much as people love them, that’s the reason you don’t see more. 

We’re thrilled to have solved the cost issues associated with traditional living walls. Now you can have all the aesthetic and functional benefits of a living green wall without the cost and design hurdles.

Custom Designed Moss Walls

Final pricing for custom designs is contingent on each project’s scope.  

Moss Panels

Pricing for moss panels is determined by size. Three different sizes make it easy to get what you need and know exactly what you’ll pay.

Artificial Green Walls

Coming in at 70% less than traditional living walls, our artificial green walls are a tremendous value.