Create an unforgettable space with PRESERVED MOSS

From acoustic solutions to infusing a space with natural elements, working with moss is simple and can be a powerful tool in designing spaces people love to be in.


Bring Nature Indoors believes in the philosophy of Biophilic Design: the relationship between people and nature. We seek to impact indoor spaces with preserved moss. We have created 
Moss Walls, Logo Backdrops, and Acoustic Moss Tiles
as just a few solutions for bringing nature indoors.


Preserved Moss is made from real forest moss and arctic lichen that, once sustainably harvested, goes through an industry-guarded process of preservation that allows the moss to retain its natural look and feel for years. Reindeer Moss can be dyed and comes in 18 different colors. 



No watering, pruning, or sunlight needed.


Colors to choose from.


Preserved Moss is an unexpected solution to balancing the acoustics of a space. We provide the NRC rating of each moss type.


Lasts up to 10 years

Some of Our Recent Projects:


Receive a copy of our 2020 Moss Design Brochure and see for yourself the possibilities of preserved moss! Available in PDF, viewable on mobile.

Our Vision for Indoor Spaces

We primarily work with interior designers who have projects that can take years to complete. We know how much time and energy goes into making a space that people will love and that will make ‘your’ clients happy. BNI is there every step of the way from education, consulting, ideation, creation, to installation. 

Our Vision is to see the indoor experience built around the people that will inhabit them. Inside is no longer a container, but a truly considerate environment that positively impacts the overall well being of the people that live, work and play there.

A custom indoor moss solution breathes new life into your indoor space. Our preserved moss walls are 100% maintenance-free while still maintaining the beauty of their natural state. They absorb sound and create a comfortable and uplifting indoor environment loved by everyone who experiences them.

Work With Us


Many of our clients have never worked with preserved moss before, but are interested in offering it to their clients. We are there every step of the way to provide you with the knowledge you need to wow your clients. 


Whether you have a vision you need fulfilled or need some help crafting the perfect moss product, we have lots of experience in both. Tell us what works for you.


We know how crucial it is to have something to show to your clients to help make informed decisions. We provide renderings of your projects that are incredibly close to what the finish product should look like. 


Some projects can take years. Some projects have roadblocks. Anything can happen and we are always willing to address any concerns and stay flexible. Call us anytime during business hours and reach a real person, not a machine.


While we don’t have a Domino’s Pizza Tracker (yet) for our products, we do send photo updates throughout the creation phase to make sure we are on track and you and your clients are happy.


Your success is our success. We love delivering products that make our clients happy. Our team works hard to ensure that we are delivering the best moss solutions in the industry.

ashley johnson

We appreciated the collaboration with you and your team to get a design that fit our spaces and desired aesthetic. We were impressed with the care your installer took — he is clearly an artist and takes an incredible amount of pride in the work quality and final product.”

Ashley Johnson

CFO/COO, Wealthfront

A few of Our Clients

Our Offerings


Acoustic panels and a logo backdrop  in this custom project gave this space a major upgrade. We work with you on custom designs for any space.


These acoustic moss tiles are a great solution to absorb echo in a space while adding a fun, bold element of nature. The peel-and-stick installation allows you to design the space how you see fit. Available to order upon request.

It's Easy Going Green...


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Call or email and schedule your free consultation.



We walk you through your options, and give you a custom quote and rendering, so you know what your space will look like before you commit.



Your custom moss wall is installed, and your vision comes to life.


Receive a copy of our 2020 Moss Design Brochure and see for yourself the possibilities of preserved moss! Available in PDF, viewable on mobile.

We bet you've got some questions...

Here are a few that we get all the time:

Does a moss wall really have acoustical properties?

Moss is a tried and true method of sound absorption. It has phenomenal acoustical values. All three types of moss are above mid-level sound absorption on the NRC scale.

*We provide the sound absorption ratings in our brochure, based on the Noise Reduction Coefficient (NRC) scale, of each moss type. 

How much am I going to have to water my moss wall?

Because our moss walls are created with preserved moss, they are entirely maintenance-free. No watering or pruning ever!

If you feel that your moss product looks a little dry, spraying it lightly with some water will restore it.

​What is the difference between preserved moss and artificial moss?

Preserved moss was once alive but has gone through a preservation process to keep it as close to its natural state as possible. Artificial is created from human-made elements and is not in any way natural.

​How do I know my design is going to meet my expectations?

We take pride in delivering custom products that exceed expectations. You will be given a custom rendering before we start production, and before the product is shipped, you will receive a photo for any minor changes.