Artificial Green Walls That Are Amazingly Lifelike

Realistic Faux Living Walls for Any Space

A Living Wall Brings Nature Indoors. Our Version Eliminates the Endless Upkeep.

Living green walls are some of the most sought after design elements when it comes to offices, lobbies, and restaurants. 

Because of the budget required for installation, lighting, and on-going maintenance, many designers have had to avoid the beauty and transformative power of an indoor green wall. 

What if you were able to incorporate a living wall into your project without the cost and maintenance involved with traditional living walls?

Realistic Living Walls

Bring Nature Indoors offers stunningly realistic artificial green walls.  

Our faux green wall panels are made from high-quality durable materials that look incredibly realistic. They’re UV protected and engineered to be installed both indoors and outdoors. 

They’re the most realistic looking green walls in the industry.

Our Faux Living Wall Features

Stunningly Realistic

Made from (what material?) our walls look indistinguishable from real plants.

Zero Water or Maintenance

Avoid the time, money, and risk that comes with maintaining living plants.


Spend 70% less than you would on traditional living wall systems.

No Light Needed

Transform low light areas without the need for supplemental lighting.


Artificial living walls are lightweight, making installation easy in any space.

Easy 3 Step Installation


Step 1

Hold the moss panel up to the wall in the desired position. Press the top corners so the small points on the front of the hangers mark the drywall.


Step 2

Find your marks from step one and insert the support pins into the wall by gently tapping with a hammer.


Step 3

Hang your moss panel on the support pins. That’s it!

2 Styles to Choose (or Mix):

clean classic wall panel

Clean Classic Green Wall Panel - $78

country meadow wall panel

Bright Country Meadow Green Wall Panel - $85

See what our customers have designed with our moss panels :